Nail Salon College Parkway in Fort Myers, FL

Nail Salon College Parkway in Fort Myers, FL is rated 4.2 out of 5 stars by 55 users. Visit their website to see the salon’s full rating or to read reviews from other customers. You can also contact them by phone at (239) 931-1147. You’ll find a map, directions, and contact information on their website. The Nail Shop offers a wide range of beauty treatments, including manicures and pedicures.

nail salon college pkwy

A popular nail salon in the area is located in College Parkway. The college’s location is easy to find and is located near a shopping mall and several other local businesses. The nail salon is a good choice for those who need to schedule an appointment for a quick pedicure. The location is convenient and the cost of services is affordable. You can visit the campus to schedule your appointment. It’s a short walk from campus.

The price is very reasonable compared to other salons in the area. It’s worth checking out the online reviews before making a decision. The Nail Salon at College Parkway has a good reputation, although some customers are disappointed with their results. The service was substandard and there are complaints from customers about the nail work. The staff was friendly and helpful, but there wasn’t a good customer service experience.

Nail technicians at nail salons aren’t allowed to ask about your health information. They can only perform services based on what they see and what you tell them. Those who are prone to infection are advised to shave their legs at least 24 hours before their pedicure, and to avoid shaving them a few hours before to minimize the risk of infection from dirty tools. You should also reschedule any nail salon appointments if you have an injury or illness.

You can go to a nail salon if you’re not concerned about your health. Most nail salons are insured and will provide insurance to clients. This means you’ll get a good value for your money. And you’ll be in good hands at a nail salon. You’ll enjoy the professional service at the very affordable prices. Just make sure to book your appointment in advance so you can avoid the rush.

The nail salons at College Pkwy have a good reputation in the neighborhood. They provide excellent services and are highly-rated by customers. Unlike many other nail salons in this area, this one has high quality standards and competitive prices. But there are some things you should remember before visiting a nail salon. Whether you want to learn about nail design or just relax with a manicure, they’ll give you great results.

A nail technician is not allowed to ask about your health or dietary concerns. They only use what they see on their clients. However, they must have a good sense of hygiene. During a pedicure, you should not shave your legs before you go. This will prevent you from getting an infection from a dirty tool. Likewise, it’s important to keep clean nails. If you’re allergic to nail polish, you should shave your legs 24 hours before you go.

The nail salon is the place to get a manicure. You can go in for a pedicure at any time of the day. The training is short and does not require a high level of English proficiency. The hours of the service are flexible enough for immigrant mothers to take care of their families. The best part about the nail salon is that they are not expensive. So, you can afford to treat yourself to a pedicure at any time you like.

The nail salon is one of the most popular places for women in Los Angeles. Its high-end atmosphere is a popular place for women and men of all races. Its location and proximity to Hollywood and the Hollywood district make it an ideal place for those who want to work from home. In fact, this location is one of the most upscale areas in the city for women. The Vietnamese community is the fastest growing in the U.S. and has more than 2,000 employees.